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Founded in 2017 as a produce exporter, Mex & Global is deeply rooted in strong ethics and family values. The company was started by 2 members of a family, cousins to be exact, David and Ivan. It began as an export project to expand borders beyond the United States. Their operations began in Guadalajara, Mexico, pretty close to the largest avocado producing area of Jalisco and Michoacan.

At the beginning they paid to a packing house to pack the avocado for them and get them ready to export. The first avocado export was to Europe, Spain was the first country to receive avocados from Mex & Global, from this operation the company became a produce exporter, now in European countries such as Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy; Asian countries such as Dubai, Singapur, Malaysia, Bahrein; American countries such as Canada.

From farm to table


With the advice of professionals, technology and sustainability we secure quality and efficiency of our fields and orchards.


With a zero defect methodology we ensure our packing with the highest quality, securing the proper handling of our fruits.


With an efficient logistic process we ship and distribuite our fruit to Canada, Europe and Asia.

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Avocado pulp

Avocado Halves

Avocado Dices



Persian lemon



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Guadalajara, Mexico 🇲🇽

Paseo de los virreyes 45, Puerta de Hierro, Zip Code: 45116

+52 33 2672 3033

San Diego, CA 🇺🇸

San Diego, United States

1720 avenida del mundo 309, Coronado,  CA 92118

+1 619 885 2289


Madrid, Spain 🇪🇦

Madrid, Spain

+34 660 720343

Winnipeg, Canada 🇨🇦

Winnipeg, Manitoba

+1 431 801 6463

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